COVID-19 | Invest in Public Infrastructure to Rebuild America

The Large Public Power Council (LPPC) today urged Congress to prioritize measures that encouraged investment in public sector infrastructure in upcoming recovery and relief legislation. As the economic toll of the pandemic continues to impact the nation, infrastructure investment will help to stimulate economic recovery by boosting local jobs & revitalizing communities both large and small.

LPPC called on Congress to:

  • Restore advance refunding for municipal bonds
  • Authorize the issuance of new Build America Bonds and repeal sequestration payments for existing bonds
  • Provide public power entities the opportunity to directly monetize renewable energy credits through comparable incentives
  • Support funding for projects that improve the resiliency, performance, and efficiency of the electricity grid
  • Support the construction of EV infrastructure

Through these measures, Congress can empower local public power utilities and the communities they serve by reducing costs, easing the burden of existing debt, freeing up funding for public infrastructure projects.

Read the letter to Congress here.

Wednesday, July 22, 2020