Reliability, Resilience & Security

Maintaining and protecting the nation’s electric grid is a core mission of all LPPC member utilities. With one in seven Americans relying on public power to light their homes, businesses and communities, maintaining and protecting the grid is a core mission of all LPPC member utilities. Our member utilities are well prepared to respond to both the threat of natural disaster and cyber attack and are actively involved in industry coalitions focused on sharing best practices relating to cyber protocols and procedures. LPPC supports and advocates for federal policies that enhance the resiliency of the grid and protect it against cyber and physical security threats.


The Electric Industry and Government Should Continue Partnering to Enhance the Resilience of the Electric Grid
Resilience refers to the ability of the electric grid to adapt to changing conditions and withstand and rapidly recover from system disruptions, whether resulting from a deliberate attack, an accident or an act of nature. The electric industry, government and academia should continue to work together to enhance the resilience of the nation’s electric grid in the face of evolving threats, building upon the existing regulatory framework. Measures taken to enhance grid resilience should be based on resource attributes, without regard to fuel type.

Policy Should Enhance a Resilient Security Posture Based on a Risk-Based Security Framework
To protect against cyber and physical security threats, and enable effective response to and recovery from any incidents that might affect the reliable operation of the grid, government policy should focus on implementation of a risk-based security framework, building upon existing regulations and voluntary programs. Such a risk-based framework should be adaptable to changing threats and technologies, recognize existing regulatory requirements, encourage best-practice sharing among utilities, and promote information sharing and collaboration between industry and government.

Provide Support for the Utility Workforce That is Essential to Public Safety and the Effective Operation of Critical Infrastructure 
LPPC members employ essential workers in highly technical fields ensuring the safety of our communities and reliable support for essential services and local economies. As Congress considers support for essential workforce development, assistance is needed to access personal protective equipment, testing and vaccines for essential workers to maintain their availability to perform their role in providing public safety. Support is also needed to ensure that there is a robust pipeline of qualified employees in highly technical STEM-related fields, and cyber security in particular. Federal incentives or grants in these areas will assist us in meeting this growing need.

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