Emerging Trends & Innovation

LPPC members strive to adapt and transform the way they deliver services to consumers to address technology policy changes and increasing customer interest.



Transportation Electrification Can Improve Air Quality and Support Economic Development in our Communities
Electrifying the transportation sector brings tremendous benefits to our communities by reducing CO2 emissions and bringing immediate improvements to local air quality. LPPC members are actively working to support expansion of electricity-powered transportation, as both fuel providers and infrastructure developers. Charging infrastructure, metering and auxiliary electric technologies are natural extensions of the distribution grid. Partnering with government, automakers and other stakeholders, we are committed to advancing electrification of transportation to support economic development and environmental quality of life in our communities. We urge federal policymakers to consider benefits of increased electric vehicle deployment when evaluating transportation and energy policy.

Provide Regular and Emergency Funding for the LIHEAP Program
The Low-Income House Assistance Program (LIHEAP) is a proven and effective federal program that provides financial assistance to households unable to pay their home electric bills, or to assist with home weatherization. As Congress considers further action to support families hit hard by the pandemic and the resulted economic slowdown, LIHEAP should be a top priority for federal funding.

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