Inside Cybersecurity: Electric Sector Info-Sharing Initiative Aims To Refine Cyber Threat Analysis

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Electric Sector Info-Sharing Initiative Aims To Refine Cyber Threat Analysis 

February 2, 2018

By Joshua Higgins

A new partnership and “cyber grid pilot program” between the Large Public Power Council and the electric sector’s Information Sharing and Analysis Center will help refine the quality and use of cyber threat information, according to electric sector representatives.

The LPPC and E-ISAC -- which is managed by the North American Electric Reliability Corporation -- last week launched a pilot program on cyber threat information sharing, “in an effort to build competency and preparedness within the public power sector, and to encourage more engagement and information sharing between government and industry,” according to electric sector sources.

Michael Fish, senior director of enterprise cybersecurity at the Salt River Project, one of the public power entities participating in the program, told Inside Cybersecurity that the pilot will help the E-ISAC collect details on how cyber threat information is used across the electric sector in order to make improvements to info-sharing processes and make data more actionable to grid operators.

Read the full article to learn how this new initiative will help increase public-private trust and collaboration on sharing cyber threats. 

Friday, February 2, 2018